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Hello and welcome to the only place you will find a completely unbiased Otterbox Review!! I say that because i personally have purchased and used each of the products i reviewed on this website.

Although i created this website entirely about Otterbox products that doesn’t mean i believe each and every product is perfect. I tell all and hold nothing back on this site!

In this article I will be giving you my overall Otterbox review of the brand itself. If you are looking for a specific otterbox review and would like my opinion of it, below you can click one of the links for my product reviews or find them on the drop down tab above at anytime.

Otterbox Defender Review
Otterbox Reflex Review
Otterbox Commuter Review
Otterbox Impact Review

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Now Otterbox itself has really positioned itself well in the market as being the best protection money can buy. Most think the brand markets itself more towards sports but i personally have seen everyone from business type, teachers, my parents, all the way to construction workers own and use Otterbox products.

Through out my many Otterbox reviews i do point out many pros and cons about each product but overall the company is more than OUTSTANDING!!

Let me tell you why…

They truly believe in their products and aim to please their customers! See i had a otterbox defender series for my iphone 4 and while snowboarding in Lake Tahoe and i collided with another snowboarder (It wasn’t pretty!!) after the accident i reached into my pocket and felt that my phone seemed to feel odd, once i pulled it out i noticed that after all the times i dropped my phone i had finally managed to break my Defender series case.

My iphone was unscathed thank goodness but my case was no longer…. I was very impressed that while i managed to completely snap my snowboard and broke 3 ribs my phone had survived!

Broke my board but my otterbox saved my phone

My snowboard Broke but my otterbox defender saved my iphone

Im not gonna lie after my accident i was kind of bummed out i no longer had a case. Since i only had my Otterbox defender series for about 6 months i thought id see what otterbox’s warranty was.

After contacting otterbox and explaining my accident and how the defender saved my iphone without any hestation or me even asking for a new one the lady i spoke with was asking for my address and told me she would mail me a new one if i mailed in my broken one.

How is that for customer service!!! She was actually very happy and impressed it seemed that i managed to break it haha.

This incident is really what sparked me to create this Otterbox Review website.

Not only does Otterbox have awesome warranty and customer service but they give you a free top of the line polycarbonate screen protector with all their products to ensure your device is protected best as possible.

Although their products are bit pricey they make up for it by having awesome customer service if you ever have any problems. And with a little bit of searching you can find their cases pretty cheap and with free shipping! Oh and you still get all the benefits the Otterbox brand offers as well.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Beware of the massive amounts of fake knock off otterbox cases on the internet that are ridiculously cheap. I purchased a $12 case on both ebay and amazon and neither were real and one case actually broke while i was putting it on. They are made of nothing but cheap plastic and Otterbox wont stand by those fake cases or offer you anything. So be sure to get a real case and spend a couple extra bucks for the real thing! You want protection dont you?

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Otterbox Brand – Best Protection Money Can Buy

The Otterbox brand itself is the brainchild of CEO Curt Richardson. In 1998 he set out with his innovative spirit to create the worlds best and most protective cases for mobile and electronic devices. Curt wanted to create a product dedicated to the clumsy, stumbling, graceless individuals that have destroyed their expensive valuable devices living their active lifestyles. He wanted to give people the peace of mind knowing they can have valuable products that can keep up with their life styles and be protected at a reasonable price.

How did the “Otterbox” name come about?

I was wondering the same thing. Curt came up with the name while on a drive from his home town of Fort Collins, Colorado to Denver with his wife. They thought that Otter was the perfect name for the brand because just like the otters fur the Otterbox brands first cases were waterproof.

Since 1998 the Otter box brand has been the leader in protective cases and remains to be the best protection money can buy. Staying true to the otter box name they now have 4 cases in there line on top of there water proof cases for all of todays top brand including Apple iphone, ipod, ipad, droid, google devices and many many more… The company continues to live buy the “otter motto”

“Work hard and play hard!!”

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Otterbox Review – What level of protection do you need

Hey so i am gonna write this article really fast just to kind of go over each of the otterbox cases and what otterbox offers the best protection that is right for you. If you have read above or any of my reviews then you know that i have a much more detailed review of each product in the otterbox series so this article will lightly go over each.

Otterbox cases as we already know aren’t cheap. So deciding which one is right for you is very important when it comes to spending the money. Everyone knows about the otterbox defender series and jump at the fact that its obviously the best since it offers the most protection and they go and buy that case.

Even though i swear by and love my iphone 4 defender series, not everyone needs that kind of protection. Many find it to be way to bulky once they get it. Its heavy…. hides the electronic beauty of the digital device…. so unless you are extremely active in sports, more so in extreme sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding and moving around fast where you may actually smash your phone. Then the defender might be to much for you.
Click Here to Read my full Otterbox Defender Review

With all otterbox cases you get great protection. So let me go over what case is right for each individual. going down the line from the defender which  we know is EXTREME PROTECTION.

Next we have the Reflex series case. Most people see this as just the tradition slider but this thing packs some protection. Its a 2 density case that surrounds your phone with a cushion of air. This case is made to be dropped. This is for the person who lives a little on the safer side of life that thinks and tries to protect their phone but may drop it from time to time and bang it up a little.
Click Here for my Full Otterbox Reflex Review

Now we have the Commuter Series. Most people think this case is the next best thing to the defender as it also has a 2 piece design. This case does offer some of the same great features but also isn’t designed to take much impact. Its a silicone case with a polycarbonate otter skeleton that covers the rest of the phone. Great case in that is covers the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the 30pin charger at the bottom. But if you looking for more than just average day protection light drops on tables and pocket protection you might want one of the other otter cases.
Click Here for my full Otterbox Commuter Review

last but not least since we are only talking about otterbox phones cases here. We have the impact series. This is one of the first otterbox cases along side the defender. The impact although might be the least amount of protection the otter brand offers it does offer superior protection over other brands. The impact series case isn’t just a basic silicone cover. Its been engineered and designed just like all otter cases to PROTECT. It does so very well over all others. This case is great for people who just want a case that protects and dont need anything fancy.
Click here for an in depth Otterbox Impact review

Thanks for reading this article. I hope it was able to help you figure out which case is the right one for you. Please feel free to click the links above to read my full review of each case if you haven’t already or click one of the Otterbox Logos to find the the Best deals on Otterbox Cases and Free Shipping!

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